AN ExtraordinarY reminder of YOUR HAPPIEST DAY

Precious moments so easily forgotten

Many couples put months, if not years, into their wedding preparations. Everything is planned meticulously. Eventually the big day dawns and the roller coaster begins its journey. Before you know it, it’s time for the last dance. The whole day has been a whirlwind because things happened so fast. Yes, you lived them at the moment but so much of what happened will be forgotten about the very next day. How little will you remember in ten years? Twenty?

Love sonnets lived by you, told by us…

Your day may be fast and fleeting, but that doesn’t mean the memories can’t live on

forever. From the reassuring smiles and getting ready moments, to the tearful toasts and loving glimpses that only last a second but tell a lifetime of stories, we capture it all and


Our cinematic wedding films are crafted to reflect your celebration just as it is. No posing. No awkwardness. Just authentic interactions between you, your family and friends; a coming together of feelings and emotions turned into something tangible to pass down through the generations.

Your love story beautifully told

It is critically important to tell your story in the best way possible so that you may look back at your wedding video in years to come and feel exactly the emotions that you felt on your wedding day.

The Video Poets are here to help you turn all of those fleeting moments into lasting memories which will never fade. We do it all for you with imagination, passion and creativity to bring you a wedding video which you will treasure down the years.

Let's make the magic happen.

Every wedding video we create is different and unique – the hugs between family and friends, the laughter and the tears of joy. We capture the atmosphere, the location, the sounds of where you were and the people who surrounded you. All carefully crafted into a cinematically edited film, filled with meaning and emotion, for you to relive your unique wedding day memories time after time.

The 2022 Wedding Season is just around the corner and we take on just a select number of commissions per year If you’ve got everything but the wedding video arranged then we should talk. Soon



One of the questions which betrothed couples frequently ask is “do we need a wedding video?”, to which we would respond – “will you regret not having one?”. And while the answer might not be obvious in the first instance, or perhaps clouded by videos you’ve seen in the past that are far from your style, it’s at least worth giving some thought to the following pointers…



Do we need a wedding video?

Relive the joy

Our couples have spent months (if not years) planning for their day, and when it finally comes around not only is it filled with anticipation and love in abundance, but it goes by in a heartbeat.

By capturing it all on film, you can feel that whirlwind of emotion and those same butterflies over and over.

See the moments you might have missed

The look your mum gave your dad when he saw you in your wedding dress for the first time, your grandpa reaching for his tissues or a funny face pulled by your littlest guests, having cinematic wedding videography means you won’t miss a thing. Get a complete view of your day, one that you can laugh and cry at on anniversaries, Valentine’s Day or any other romantic occasion.

Share with future generations

Have you ever wished you could watch your grandparents wedding video? The first look,

walking down the aisle and exchanging of vows that went on to last a lifetime? Sadly, such a video probably doesn't exist. However, having the

knowledge that one day you’ll be able to share your precious memories with those who matter most is truly invaluable.

A Video Can HELP you TO...

RELIVE emotions BETTER than any photo EVER could.




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